Cool Off With Popsicles in Unique Flavors at Whim Pop

Remember those summer days when you were a kid, when you thought a popsicle or freeze pop was the world’s greatest delicacy? The team behind Whim Pop wants to rekindle that feeling, while using quality, all-natural ingredients and fresh fruit instead of the usual sugars and artificial flavorings.

In fact, the pops at Whim Pop are made fresh each morning in a rotating selection of sophisticated flavors that reflect fruits that are currently in season. Popular flavors at this local shop include sweet strawberry basil, as well as more unusual combinations like mango-spinach and avocado-pineapple. If popsicles just aren’t your thing, though, the shop carries a variety of other treats, including hearty options like waffles, cheese bread, and scrambled eggs. Regulars say you should also be sure to try Whim Pop’s Latin specialties like cinnamon-covered churros and Spanish olive oil tortas.