Solidcore: Resistance Training With a Fresh Twist

It's hard to describe Solidcore because this workout is brand new and only now exploding, with multiple locations opening up around the country. The closest it comes to any existing form of exercise is, perhaps, a sweat session using the Pilates reformer. Solidcore enlists a similar type of resistance machine to build strong bodies, albeit a proprietary piece of equipment built specifically for Solidcore studios.

If this piques your interest, sign up for a class at the Solidcore in Alexandria. You'll quickly learn that the classes move slowly—much more slowly than an aerobics class—but that doesn't mean they're easy. On the contrary, the slow movement actually makes the routines harder because it means that you have to use your muscles to fight the machine's resisting pressure for a longer period of time. Solidcore celebrates bodies of all shapes and sizes, and its instructors can work with anyone to help him or her bust through a fitness plateau.