Discover Your New Favorite Cocktail at Trademark

What is the trademark of Trademark Drink and Eat in Alexandria? Browse through the reviews on social media and the answer becomes fairly obvious: it’s this place’s hand-crafted cocktails.

The extensive list includes traditional favorites like Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, and whiskey sours, as well as seasonal house specialties like the Bright Young Thing (gin, sours, lavender, egg white, honeycomb) and the Old Sour (rum, antica, bitters, raspberry and peppercorn). If you prefer your drinks straight up, Trademark has an impressive list, including locally distilled whiskeys, single malt scotch, bourbon, rye, and imported spirits from Canada, Ireland and Japan. Having trouble deciding? Order yourself a flight to sample a range of liquors. Prefer beer or wine? No worries, this place serves both.