Push Your Body Beyond its Comfort Zone at Xtend Barre Old Town

Don't be fooled by the ballet barre at Xtend Barre Old Town, envisioning a class full of pirouettes and plies. The movements that exercisers flow through here are much smaller, yet more challenging than the graceful maneuvers of a ballerina — and they're designed that way on purpose. The focused movements target muscles that you might not even know exist and push them to the brink of exhaustion.

Dip a toe in the barre fitness pond by attending a classic Xtend Barre class. It uses different aspects of barre, Pilates, and dance to strengthen your core and test your endurance. The Xtend Stick class adds a Pilates stick into the mix, a tool that creates extra resistance for even more of a challenge. Xtend Suspend tasks attendees with performing strength-training moves while supporting themselves with TRX bands handing from the ceiling, and Barre Camp is an extra-long Xtend Barre class for anyone who's ready for the next step in their fitness journey.