Have a Cozy Coffee Date at Stomping Ground

Yelp reviewers use words like quaint, cute, and cozy to describe Stomping Ground, and once you visit this popular Alexandria coffee shop and eatery you'll understand why. When you arrive you'll order at the low counter made out of reclaimed wood, and then you'll seat yourself wherever you like in the sunny dining room (you can certainly just get a coffee to go, if you like, but Yelp reviewers recommend this place as a true dining destination).

Once you're seated, your meal will arrive artistically plated on vintage china plates, which elevates the whole dining experience into something special. Keep in mind that this place is popular, especially on weekend mornings, so don't be surprised if you arrive for Sunday brunch to find a line stretching out the door. Regulars say that the line moves fast, however, so just plan to spend a few minutes chatting with friends before you take a seat inside.