Mexican and Salvadoran Food Mingle on the Menu at Pilar’s Restaurant

Pilar's Restaurant doesn't make customers choose between Mexican and Salvadoran food, it serves both. While classic Mexican dishes build the foundation of the menu, Salvadoran eats like pupusas add an extra layer of international flair. Regardless of which style of cuisine appeals to your taste buds, expect fresh and authentic fare at Pilar's Restaurant.

If you're craving Mexican food, order soft tacos embellished with beef, lettuce, pico, and freshly whipped guacamole or try the flautas filled with tender chicken. You can also sink your teeth into a golden-brown quesadilla packed with plump shrimp and plenty of cheese. For the adventurous eater, the pupusas come in several varieties. The chef crafts these savory pastry pockets using corn and stuffs them with ingredients like pork and cheese, beans and cheese, or loroco (an edible flower) and, you guessed it, gooey cheese.