Enjoy the Remaining Days of Summer at Ben Brenman Park

Colonel Ben Brenman was an active member of the Alexandria community for more than 30 years and had his hand in many local projects. One of them was securing the untamed land that would eventually be named Ben Brenman Park in his honor. The park was established on 59.3 acres of land more than 20 years ago.

It continues to be an important part of Alexandria to this day. Especially during this time when many other options for entertainment are unavailable, Ben Brenman Park provides a place to get away from home and enjoy fresh air and exercise. Go for a stroll around the park and cross the quaint bridge to watch pups play in the dog park. Savor some quiet by the pond as you traverse the trail that surrounds it. Or simply sit at a picnic table and soak up that late-summer sunshine.